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0-9 0-9 2.0 169 kb Windows

Audio & Wavetable Instrument File Format Converter & Player.

Importable file formats:
Exportable file formats:
AU, AIF, IFF, PAT, RAW, SBK, SDS, SND, TXT, WAV, WFB, WFP, clipboard, DAC-device. 1.04 173 kb MS-DOS

3D Object Converter. Save Limit: 6000 faces. Supported file formats: 104
Press here to see the supported file formats. 1.0 8 kb MS-DOS

Converts 669s to 8-track MOD files.

A A N/A 10 kb MS-DOS

Converts amf files to mod files 0.01 9 kb MS-DOS

The World Only Tool That Converts DSMI AMF Modules Into ScreamTracker3 S3M N/A 7 kb MS-DOS

Converts Assembler and plain text to Pascal sourcecode. N/A 7 kb MS-DOS

Converts text files into midi files :-) TRY! 1.2 21 kb MS-DOS

This File Converts Command & Conquer, Red Alert and Dune2000 music (AUD) into wav files. You may have to extract the files from the .Mix files and for that reason you can download Mixman here. I don't know if it works with other Westwood Products but if you try it and succeed, let me know... 1.4 123 kb MS-DOS

Converts avi films to mpg films N/A 64 kb MS-DOS

Converts AVI-films to TGA-pictures 4.4 453 kb WINDOWS

Audio & Wavetable Instrument File Format Converter, Editor & Player

B B N/A 102 kb MS Windows

BasToPas - helps translate Basic files to Pascal. This only works with *.BAS files, not *.FRM or *.CLS files. 1.4 5 kb MS-DOS

Converts bat files to com-files 1.5 104 kb MS-DOS

Bigtext turns ordinary text files into self-contained, self-displaying executable files. This program is specifically designed to make self-displaying books, manuals, documents, and catalogues. The difference between BigText and similar programs is that it can handle genuinely BIG volumes of text (up to 600kb or more) and that it creates a single, neat and convenient executable file that can be made to fit on a 360k disk. 1.2 26 kb MS-DOS

Converts bmp and tga files to AVI films 1.0 10 kb MS-DOS

Converts the image format BMP to BASIC BAS-files 1.01 37 kb MS-DOS

Converts bmp to jpeg 05 307 kb MS-DOS

A conversion utility to quickly convert 256 color .BMPs into Quake .MAPs complete with texturing and entities. Originally written to convert 2D floor/street plans into 3D maps. 1.0 23 kb MS-DOS

Converts BMP images to uncompressed RAW images. 0.99 30 kb MS-DOS

Converts BMP images to plain ASCII Text. Very useful if you want to make your e-mail letters more fun.

C C 1.2 384 kb Windows 95

The CONV2JPG is a Win32 command-line program that converts and/or resizes almost any image or graphics file format to a 24-bit JPEG (JFIF compliant) file. It can for example be used to create low resolution thumbnails for web pages. The program works under Windows 95/NT and supports the following formats:

PCD (Photo-CD), JFIF, JPEG, JTIF, GIF, EPS, PNG, PICT, PSD, TIFF, MPT, IOCA, TGA, BMP, WMF, PCX, DCX, OS/2 BMP, CALS Raster, MAC, IMG, MSP, WPG, RAS, LEAD, WinFax Group 3, WinFax Group 4, FAX Group 3, FAX Group 4. 0.90 177 kb DOS

CATDOC is program which reads MS-Word file and prints readable ASCII text to stdout, just like Unix cat command. It also able to produce correct escape sequences if some UNICODE charachers have to be represented specially in your typesetting system such as (La)TeX. 1.7 103 kb MS-DOS

Converts CD-audio to WAV N/A 40 kb MS-DOS

Converts gif pictures to jpg pictures N/A 38 kb MS-DOS

This program converts Windows CLP bitmap to Windows 3.0 Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) format. 1.01 39 kb MS-DOS

This program converts: MOD, MTM, DSM, RIFF DSM, Old PSM, New PSM, S3M, to CCM, DSM and S3M. 1.0 29 kb MS-DOS

Converts cmf to mid 1.0 10 kb MS-DOS

Converts 24 bpp RAW images to 16 bpp RAW images. 1.3 B 71 kb MS-DOS

Converts sounds between various types of music and sample film 0.08 71 kb MS-DOS

Converts the film format cpk to avi 1.0 19 kb MS-DOS

This converter converts EXE files to ASM (Disassembler) 1.2B 98 kb MS-DOS

This converter converts C code into PASCAL (pas) code. 3.01 15 kb MS-DOS

This program converts raw sound data, VOC files and WAV files, to SAM files (for use as MOD instruments). Convert WAV, VOC, or raw to SAM, or SAM back to RAW for editing!

D D 1.0 B 80 kb WINDOWS 95

Lightwave 3D object(.lwo) to Direct 3D(.x) files 1.0 8 kb MS-DOS

Phonebook conversion utility N/A 43 kb MS-DOS

Converts jpg images to gif, tga etc. 1.02.006 42 kb MS-DOS

SmartVid is a codec independent, bi-directional video file converter which converts between the Microsoft Video for Windows AVI format and the Apple QuickTime MOV format. I also have a windows version of this converter. Click here to get it. N/A 50 kb MS-DOS

This program converts MICROGRAFX DRAW File(PIC) to Windows 3.0 Metafile (WMF) format N/A 64 kb MS-DOS

This program converts Micrografx Designer (DRW) and Charisma (GRF) file to Windows 3.0 Metafile (WMF) 1.0 9 kb MS-DOS

Converts X-Tracker DSFs to Scream Tracker ]I[ SMPs. N/A 18 kb MS-DOS

Converts DXF files to OBJ files. For raytracing programs like Lightwave 3D. 1.0 233 kb MS Windows

DXF2MOD is a translator of DXF files to COSMOS/M MOD files.The current version is meant to generate finite element shell models from DXF files. 1.0 208 kb MS Windows

DXF2X is a translator of DXF files to Direct3D X files. It runs on Windows95/NT and needs Direct3D components to be installed in the operating system. The utility generates Direct3D frames and meshes from DXF files saving them in X format. 1.0 B 187 kb MS DOS

Converts DXF files to 3DS, SHP, or LFT files, and converts FLM files to 3DS files.

E E 1.0 18 kb MS-DOS

EASYXMID is a DOS FREEWARE utility that converts MIDI-format files (*.MID) in Fast Tracker 2 format modules (*.XM). Useful when you want to play your MIDI songs better than FM chips do (if you do not have a wavetable in your soundcard). 1.1 90.7 kb MS-DOS

Convert **ANY** graphic font (also TrueType) to the CHR standard used by Borland compilers! The conversion is semiautomatic and takes few minutes. 1.1 27.3 kb Windows

Automatically convert TrueType fonts to the CHR standard used by Borland compilers! N/A 7 kb MS-DOS

This program can change a gif image into a colored square with a color chosen from the 16 bit color system. You can also make gif files with monocrome palette to use as so-called "hidden" images in web pages etc. 1.1 78 kb MS-DOS

Convert a bmp image to an AWARD BIOS epa picture and make it your computer's start image. N/A 7 kb MS-DOS

Converts EXE to BIN N/A 19 kb MS-DOS

EXEHEX is a utility that takes linked EXE files and converts them into HEX files suitable for programming EPROMS.

F F 1,0 5 kb MS-DOS

This freeware program convert your 16-bit signed .raw mono format samples to 16-bit .iff files that load in FastTrackerII without any fuss =) 0.1 118 kb MS-DOS

FLi2EXE will convert your FLi and FLC files into stand alone EXE file! Only supports 320*200*256. 2.0 40 kb MS-DOS

Program that converts fli movies to Exe-files. Made by Cyber-Design Ltd. 1.0 39 kb MS-DOS

Convert your FLI(tm) Animations to self-displaying Programs. Supports VGA, SVGA and 16 bit Hicolor movies. 1.41 670 kb Windows 95

Fast Movie Processor. Convert video sequences to and from AVI,FLI,FLC,GIF,HAV,JPG,BMP,DIB,RLE,TGA and PCX. Can apply image processing functions like Brightness, Contrast, Blur, Sharpen, Emboss,Posterize, Mirror, Flip, etc. to a movie or image sequence. Invaluable if you need to construct an AVI movie, change resolution of images or perform quick changes and adjustments.

G G 0.2 11 kb MS-DOS

Converts gif to bmp 1.0 11 kb MS-DOS

Gif to Windows 3.0 (or later) Icon Converter 1.5 42 kb MS-DOS

Compuserve Gif to JPEG Converter 1.3 21 kb MS-DOS

Compuserve Gif to PCX Converter

gifsetup.exe N/A 1 108 kb WINDOWS 95

Microsoft gif-animator. Can convert AVI to animated gif...

H H 2.1 217 kb MS-DOS

HELPDECO dissects HLP help files of Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, and '95/'98 and many MVB multi media viewer titles into all files required for a rebuild using the appropriate help compiler HC30, HC31, HCP, HCW, HCRTF, WMVC, MMVC or MVC. 0.9 10 kb MS-DOS

hmp to mid converter 0.9 10 kb MS-DOS

hmp to mid converter

I I N/A 38 kb MS-DOS

This program converts Windows 3.0 ICON file to Windows 3.0 Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) format N/A 6 kb MS-DOS

Converts iff to raw. Source code is included. 1.0 7 kb MS-DOS

Converts Amiga Sound Files .IFF to SoundBlaster .VOC Format 1.01 13 kb MS-DOS

Converts it 2 xm

J J 1.0 41 kb MS-DOS

Converts jpg to bmp 1.5 43 kb MS-DOS

Converts jpg to gif

M M 2.7 22 kb MS-DOS

Module converter 1.0 59 kb MS-DOS

Converts .mac images to gif format. 1.0 19 kb MS-DOS

The World Only Tool That Converts DSMI AMF Modules Into ScreamTracker3 S3M 0.9 16 kb MS-DOS

Convert mid to mod - Try Ptmid instead. It might work better.. 1.4 510 kb Windows

MID2XM is a MS-Windows program that converts MIDI files into XM digital music modules (FastTracker 2 modules). 0.95/2 51 kb MS-DOS

MIDIfile to Csound converter. 0.2 75 kb MS-DOS

Converts mod to midi N/A 17 kb MS-DOS

This program splits MIDI channels into separate tracks. N/A 18 kb MS-DOS

This program merges MIDI channels into one track. N/A 17 kb MS-DOS

This program splits midi2 sequences into some midi0 sequences. 1.1 79 kb MS-DOS

Converts MIDI files to FastTracker XM files 3.5 185 kb MS-DOS

Mixman 3.5 - Extracts and Adds almost everything from/to the Command & Conquer .mix-files. Sounds, Musics, Graphics... The ZIP file also includes some good converters to convert the extracted files to new better known file formats. 1.4 356 kb Windows

MOD2MID is a Windows utility that converts the music contained within MOD format files into MIDI files so they can be played on most synths. 1.10 3 kb MS-DOS

MOD to STM Converter. 1.0 49 kb MS-DOS

Converts Mod and S3m to XM

mp32wav.exe 1.1 296 kb

Converts MP3 to WAV!!!!

mp3compr09f.exe 0.9 F 1144 kb WINDOWS 95

Converts WAV to MP3 2.61 310 kb MS DOS

ISO-MPEG Audio Layer 3 software only Encoder and Decoder for PCs. (MP3) 2.0 1240 kb MS WINDOWS

With MP3 to EXE you can create Selfplaying MP3 Songs. While the Song is played you can change the Volume (Left and Right seperat), see an VU-Meter, change the position in the MP3-Song, Loop the Song, view the TAG's with Informations about the Song. And you change this Information with MP3 to EXE before creating the file.

mpav100.exe 1.0 200 kb

Converts MPEG movies to AVI!!! 1.1B 175 kb

Can extracts almost every file format from Starcraft MPQ files.
(Bin, Chk, Cnd, Cv5, Dat, Dll, Exe, Fnt, Gop, Grp, Ins, Loa, Lob, Lod, Lof, Log, Lol, Loo, Los, Lou, Lox, Lst, Pcx, Res, Smk, Spk, Tbl, Trg, Txt, Wav, Vf4, Vis, Wpe, Vr4, Vx4) N/A 27 kb MS-DOS

Converts msp to dib N/A 15 kb MS-DOS

Converts mtm to mod 0.9 25 kb MS-DOS

The first MUS to MIDI file convertor available for DOOM music.

Paint Shop PRO N/A - WINDOWS 95

A drawing program that can load and save all the usual picture formats and even more.(e.g. bmp, gif, jpg, tga) Get the latest version from JASC software 1.0 B 12 kb MS-DOS

This program converts a Patch file(.PAT) to a 8- or 16-bit raw sample file. N/A 38 kb MS-DOS

This program converts PICTOR/PC-Paint file to Windows 3.0 Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) format N/A 16 kb MS-DOS

Converts a PCX pic to FNT format. Can also show both PCX and FNT files on the screen. 2.2 148 kb MS-DOS

Converts a .pov file into a tga image. 0.57 B 12 kb MS-DOS

Psm to s3m converter 1.02 e 15 kb MS-DOS

Extracts ASCII text from a PostScript file. 0.1 59 kb MS-DOS

A program that converts midi to mod


Converts RealAudio files to wav. Get it from 2bsys. 1.85 269 kb MS-DOS

A Bitmap (BMP) to StarCraft Sprite (GRP) Converter and vice versa. N/A 23 kb MS-DOS

Converts rol to midi

S S 1.1 56 kb MS-DOS

This program converts .NST/.STM/.669 and some other 6 and 8 channel music-file formats to any other of the selectable formats. 2.981 52 kb MS-DOS


Convert SID files to MIDI N/A 98 kb MS-DOS

In this package there are two utility programs for converting Standard MIDI Files (SMF) file types. Converts type 0 to 1 and type 1 to 0. 1.0 B 15 kb MS-DOS

Convert raw sound files to Windows RIFF WAV format 1.01 76 kb MS-DOS

Screen Thief - Captures your current screen and makes it a gif-image. (DOS) 1.02 444 kb WINDOWS 95

Screen Thief 95 - Captures your current window (WIN95) 1.0 2 kb MS-DOS

Convert's all STX modules created for STMIK 0.2 back to STM 1.0 7 kb MS-DOS

This program converts Sun(.au) files to Creative(.voc) files 1.2 87 kb MS-WINDOWS

Movie converter. Converts avi2mov and mov2avi. Can also convert wav2avi/mov and avi/mov2wav.

T T N/A 9 kb MS-DOS

Converts t64 to ibm N/A 47 kb MS-DOS

This program converts Tag Image File Format (TIFF) file to Windows 3.0 Device Independent Bitmap (DIB)format 2.0 10 kb MS-DOS

Converts TIF pictures to PCX.

TINRA N/A N/A MS-DOS / Windows

TINRA is a RealVideo to AVI decoder (Rm 2 avi). Press the link to find more. 1.0 8 kb MS-DOS

Converts STM to MOD 4.0 12 kb MS-DOS

Convert Turbo Pascak code (TPU) to object files (obj). N/A 34 kb MS-DOS

Converts tga to gif and can even make pal files for Qpeg N/A 2 kb MS-DOS

Converts text files to selfreading com files N/A 29 kb MS-DOS

Converts text files to HTML code. Wonderful program if you want to insert a quote from a text or a manuscript into your homepage.

V V 3.0 6 kb MS-DOS

This program will convert a VOC file (These are the digitized files used by SoundBlaster, ThunderBoard, and other sound cards) into SAM files (The SAM format is one which is used with the MODEDIT programs as instrument voices used in creating MOD music files). 0.01 B 1 kb MS-DOS

Converts VOC to SND 2.02 27 kb MS-DOS

Creative VOC to WAVE file converter

W W 1 B 40 kb MS-DOS

This software can convert a WAV format sound file to a EXE file so that you play it without a wave file player ! 1.11 8 kb MS-DOS

A simple converter from WAV files to ST3 sample files. 2.12 26 kb MS-DOS

Creative WAVE to VOC Conversion Utility 1.2 15 kb MS-DOS

8/16 bit WAV to XI converter 1.0 14 kb MS-DOS

WavConv is a DOS utility for converting 8-bit sound files among many of the most common PC formats. It will convert a file from or to any of the following file types: Covox SpeechThing / VoiceMaster (VMFs), Microsoft Windows 3.1 (WAVs), DSound 2.0 (SNDs), SoundTool/ Wired for Sound (also SNDs but a different format), SoundBlaster (VOCs), and straight 8-bit data (which Covox calls VMDs and DSound calls SOUs). 0.05 5 kb MS-DOS

ULtrasound WAV to SND converter. N/A 272 kb Windows

WCVT2POV is a program that allows 3D files to be converted from one format to another. It was originally intended to be used primarily by POV-Ray users, but has been expanded over time to be useful by a large variety of users. It supports the following formats:
Wavefront (*.obj) File, Neutral File Format (*.nff), RAW (*.raw) File Format, TPoly (*.tpo) File Format, AutoCad (*.dxf) Files, AOFF (*.geo) File Format, 3D Studio (*.3ds, *.asc) File Format, Pov SB (*.psb) File Format, Povray (*.pov, *.inc) Files, TrueType Font (*.ttf), Virtual Reality Markup Language (*.wrl). N/A 5 kb MS-DOS

Programmet konverterar ISO's åäöÅÄÖ till CP850's åäöÅ ÄÖ. 1.02.006 39 kb Windows

SmartVid is a codec independent, bi-directional video file converter which converts between the Microsoft Video for Windows AVI format and the Apple QuickTime MOV format. I also have a dos version of this converter. Click here to get it. N/A 38 kb MS-DOS

This program converts WordPerfect Bitmap file to Windows 3.0 Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) format. N/A 61 kb MS-DOS

This program converts WordPerfect Clipart (WPG) to Windows 3.0 Metafile (WMF) format. N/A 10 kb MS-DOS

WSD2SND converts the WSD files (signed 16-bit, Motorola) to signed 16-bit Intel format, primarily for use with the Gravis Ultrasound (GUS).

X X 1.0 48 kb MS-DOS

Converts Fasttracker II's extended modules to standard midi files. Demo version, converts only the first 4 channels. 1.07 42 kb MS-DOS

XM modules to wav converter 1.6 256 kb MS-DOS

Basically, XM-EXE attaches a Win9x/NT playback program to the XM. It also compresses the XM to generally produce a smaller EXE file even with the playback code. Should you wish to do so, you can extract the original XM from the created EXE file. It also supports MOD/S3M/IT/MTM aswell. 1.2 21 kb MS-DOS

XMI to MID converter

Z Z 2.04c 26 kb MS-DOS

Converts Zip archives to self extracting EXE files.

Unzip Unzip
pkzip.exe N/A 88 kb MS-DOS

PKzip/unzip is a ZIP archive compressor and decompressor. The files are located in a Windows self extracting archive.

Winzip N/A N/A Windows 95

A Windows 95/98/2000 version of the program above with a practical GUI and lots of more functions.

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